You and your baby’s placenta remedies will be absolutely unique, made from you, for you!

Mums that have harnessed the power of this amazing organ after birth report better mood, energy, emotional and physical recovery from birth and increased breast milk production.

Choose from a range of remedies, smoothie cubes and oils to support you and your baby. 

In addition to the support and balance they offer in those early days after birth, remedies can also be used for years to come, for example at times of transition for you and your little one and during menopause, if stored correctly. 


Studies show that the highest hormonal and nutritional content, including stem cells, comes from consuming the placenta in it’s original, raw state.

I can prepare your placenta into small, easy to use raw frozen cubes, ready to pop one into a smoothie before blitzing. One frozen cube in a smoothie cannot be tasted and this provides a great way to get the maximum benefit each day for the first few weeks after birth.

If for any reason a raw preparation isn’t possible, due to meconium presence for example, I can lightly steam the placenta before freezing into chunks, to ensure they are safe to consume.


(Also available at a reduced price as dry powder, for those who struggle to swallow capsules) 

Capsules are a popular method of benefiting from your placenta, as they are easy to take and have no taste. Mums can take 1-6 capsules a day, as and when they feel they need them, for up to 6 months. Current research studies show placenta powder contains high levels of milk producing prolactin hormone, 6 capsules provide 25% RDA of iron, along with significant levels of other nutrients and hormones. For all the science, see the home page!

You can choose from either raw dehydrated or Traditional Chinese Medicine capsules.


The raw placenta is washed and dehydrated before being ground into a fine powder and put into vegetable capsules.
Clients report higher levels of energy from consuming the raw capsules.
Studies show that this method of encapsulation retains the highest levels of nutrients and hormones.


Your  placenta is washed and then lightly steamed with fresh organic lemon for grounding, ginger to aid circulation and chilli for warming the blood and body. 
The placenta is then dehydrated and ground into a fine powder, and put into capsules.
Clients report a more calming affect from the TCM method so they are recommended if post natal depression is a concern.
These capsules cannot be taken during periods of illness due to the TCM herbs.


A placenta tincture is a potent remedy to support mood and well being. It is an alcohol based remedy made from a piece of fresh placenta. It takes 6 weeks to prepare and can last a lifetime.
It can also be made from stored placenta capsules at any time.
Suggested dose: 10-40 drops diluted in a glass water, taken two to three times a day. This remedy is for times of need rather than ongoing use. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.


This beautiful, gentle remedy is suitable for both you and your baby.
It is made with a fresh piece of raw placenta and works on an energetic or vibrational level, providing healing and emotional support at difficult times such as teething and comfort at times of distress or transition such as returning to work, nursery and school. 
It is ideal to have alongside capsules or during times of illness when the TCM capsules cannot be taken.
Suggested dose: 1-4 drops in water when needed. This remedy can also be used by spraying and breathing in or massaging a few drops onto pulse points such as wrists. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.


Placenta extract from animals is widely used nowadays in some of the most expensive skincare products, due to the placenta’s regenerative cell properties.

These beautiful oils are prepared with pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrance or chemicals and can be added to the bath or massaged directly onto the body. They can also be used with your baby after 3 months of age.

​Choose from:

Mood lift

A blend of grapefruit, bergamot and wild orange essential oils, for an instant uplifting and balancing effect.

Sleepy time

A blend of lavendar, chamomile and vetivert essential oils, to aid relaxation and deep sleep.

Skin Soothe

A gentle blend of calendula, chamomile and niaouli essential oils to soothe skin.

* IMPORTANT: These oils contain sweet almond oil. If you have or suspect a nut allergy please let me know and I will use an alternative. A patch test (small amount applied to skin and left for 2 – 6 hours) is recommended before use.


A beautiful memento of the link between you and your baby during pregnancy.

Printed on high quality watercolour paper, your print will be unique and show the beauty of the placenta and ambilical cord that connected you.


Homeopathic remedies work for both the mother and child on a vibrational, energetic level. They can be used from birth throughout your child’s life, at times of transition, developmental leaps and whenever a little support and comfort is needed. They contain the blueprint of the placenta, the life giving organ that enabled their being and a powerful, comforting link between mother and child. 

A piece of the placenta is sent off to a trained homeopathic specialist who will prepare and send your remedy directly to you via post 1 – 2 weeks after birth.​

The homeopathic remedy can also be made at any time from one of your placenta capsules.